Safie's Home Style Sweet Pickled Beets

Home Style SweetPickled Beets

An old fashioned favorite brought to America by early German Settlers in the mid 1800’s, Beets exquisitely compliment any robust meal. Our Beets are deliciously flavored with natural cane sugar, aromatic vinegar, and blended natural spices. No preservatives or color additives. All Natural Beets. Sold in packs of 2, 4, and 6.

“Safie’s is the best pickled beets you can buy at a market!” – Jerry H.
“Safie’s beets are awfully good.” – Jeff M.

Safie’s Home Style Sweet Pickled Beets are Kosher Certified.  All of Safie’s products are Gluten-Free!

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Price: $7.99 /jar

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