Safie's Hot & Spicy Deli Style Dill Pickles

Hot & Spicy Deli StyleDill Pickles

Hot & Spicy Deli Dills are an Epicurean favorite for the more traditional and enriched palate. Safie’s carefully selects a superior quality of fresh cucumbers, hot red peppers, and a blend of natural pickling spices, coupled with garlic and dill, to create the Old World Flavors of a true New York Style Hot & Spicy Deli Dill Pickle. With its succulent crispy cucumber spear, hot & spicy flavor, and subtle touch of natural color, it creates a masterpiece of flavors and complements any food it accompanies. Bring home the flavors of an authentic culinary experience.

Safie’s Hot & Spicy Deli Style Dill Pickles are Kosher Certified.  All of Safie’s products are Gluten-Free!

41798 00195 12/32 OZ

Price: $7.99 /jar

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