Safie's Padre Pio's Mild Pepperino

Padre PioMild Pepperoncini

Old world traditions are brought into the 21st century with this unique blend of imported, hand-selected, Golden Greek Peppers. The natural flavor of this delicate small pepper, coupled with aromatic vinegar, creates a delightful condiment traditionally known as Pepperoncini. With distinctive robust taste and pungent flavor, Pepperoncini is enjoyed by connoisseurs throughout the world.

No preservatives added.  All of Safie’s products are Gluten-Free!

Safie’s Padre Pio Mild Pepperoncini are Kosher Certified.
“Oh my, these are the best I’ve ever had, I kid you not.” – Rick S.

41798 00130 12/32 OZ

Price: $5.99 /jar

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