Safie's Sexy Hot Pickled Asparagus

Sexy HotPickled Asparagus

With it’s succulent tender spears and rich nutrients, Asparagus has traditionally been a culinary delight and a medicinal herb. Coupled with the fiery flavors of Jalapeño and Habanera Peppers, this exciting sensation is pleasing to the palate. Safie’s hand packed Sexy Hot Pickled Asparagus is a Chefs natural choice for fanciful garnishes, delectable appetizers, soups and entries.

Our Pickled Asparagus is an All-Natural Product with No Preservatives or Color Additives.
All of Safie’s products are Gluten-Free!

“I’m embarrassed. Safie’s is better than my own homemade pickled asparagus.”– John P.

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Price: $9.99 /jar

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